Angela Moore

Adorable Sword Swinging Packmaster


Angela Moore is the only daughter to the captain of the Roughnecks, David Moore. Despite her nearly un paralleled swordsmanship and the hell she has been through, Angela Moore always seems to be wearing a smile. Her sweet and innocent appearance is thrown off by her ruthless combat style and deadly precision, but all the same the entire house seems to adore her and most treat her like their own daughter or as a younger sister, depending on the person.


Angela is more cute then pretty, she is of a very short build with moderate proportions. She has light brown hair and matching eyes and never stops wearing a smile.
Angela is among the members of the house that believe that while it isn’t necessary to enter living body armor naked, that clothing can however hamper ones movements and slow down reaction time to the armors minimal systems. As such, Angela likes to keep her arms and legs bare as those are the main things she is worried about when in a battle. She likes to be prepared to throw on her armor within a moments notice so she often wears a plain Leotard to keep her legs and arms open. For modesty sake she has attached a skirt to her sword belt, which she would remove before entering her armor anyways. This way when she needs to suit up she can just throw off her boots and remove her sword belt before suiting up and wrapping the belt around her armor instead.
She has also recently added a bright red hooded cloak to her attire both in and out of armor, though nobody is quite sure why but she seems very proud of it so nobody questions it.

Combat Style

Angela was hand picked to be trained by Jade Niigata once her natural talent with swordsmanship was revealed, as such her style is completely unique to anyone else within the entire house.
When out of her armor Angela uses an acid edged sword in her right hand while holding an acid edged dagger in her left hand. This style doesn’t really seem to suit her as she has shown better proficiency with paired swords then mixing weapons like that but due to lack of funds and being a lower priority she hasn’t seen fit to buy an additional sword yet. It is in her Packmaster Armor that she really comes to life as her underslung katana like retractable bone blades definately suit her style better. When suited up Angela is a whirlwind of destruction, managing to keep up with her Roughneck and Dreadguard friends and synchronizing her attacks with her Gorehounds perfectly.
She has also demonstrated the strange ability to destroy small mega damage structures with her bare hands and has also taken a liking to the Pinaak Long Bow she picked up while in Shiva territory.


Angela lost her mother at the age of seven, a few years later she demonstrated an unbelievable talent with swordsmanship and was immediately put into training. She was in line to be put into the Dreadguards, and the rest of the guard wouldn’t have had it any other way. That is, until the day before she was to begin her training as a Dreadguard, when her father brought home a gift from the other Dreadguards. For his time in service and the countless time him and his Roughnecks turned the tide of battle many of the Dreadguards worked together to buy David Moore a gift, a Xenobred Gorehound.
Angela immediately fell in love with the creature. Finding it’s loyalty and incredibly strong build a definite fascination. She made up her mind right there on the spot, that she wasn’t meant to be a Dreadguard, she was to be a Packmaster. This of course started an uproar within the Dreadguard, that one of the most talented swordsman in the house would be given to the Packmasters and not a Dreadguard? But it was out of the Warlords hands, it was the choice of the soldier on how they shall fight and she had made up her mind.
In her early days Angela demonstrated incredible talent with her Gorehounds, using them to bind and distract her opponents so she could sweep in for the killing blow. However an unfortunate fate fell upon her in an early mission as she was taken captive by the Kali personality when she was weakened in her attempt to save her friend, Vahn Sutherd.
The group now known as Black Sheep devised a plan to save Angela that involved using Vahn as bait to draw out Kali, who had developed a definite disdain toward at this point, and was brought to the same location they were holding Angela.
Angela was brought to an abandoned Warehouse were she was injected with a micro-drone similar to the nanobots but was also infused with properties similar to that of a Techno-Jackers. This allowed her wounds to rapidly heal themselves and also increased her endurance slightly. The reason for this was that Kali intended to use Angela as a way to torment Vahn by turning her into a Necro-Borg and turned against him.
However, Vahn was an incredible fighter and while a Necro-Borg Angela would definitely make him hesitate, in the end it would resolve quickly and the game would be over. So, Kali had the plan of turning her into a super Necro-Borg by implanting everything they could into her and retaining her fighting knowledge. This would make an excellent avatar for Kali both for this purpose and also for future use. Kali, in her usual way of thinking, tried to think of how to make this as excruciating for Angela as possible, so she decided to make use of her now more durable and fast regenerating body and attach the mega damage plating to her, while she was still alive! This of course caused a nano-bot reaction with each plate, every screw, every little piece of metal that touched her. The goal was to remove any piece that just twisted or something like that and leave only the pieces that turned into their own independent drones. this would give her a truly frightening appearance as metal tendrils stretched out in all directions.
The captured Vahn was brought in half way through this process to see a tired and crying Angela in the cell across from him having plates of metal bolted onto her skin, only to watch each one react the way that metal does with people of this world. Eventually Kali realized that if they continued without rest it would kill Angela and her project would stop there, and she was just having to much fun, so she left Vahn and her alone so that Vahn could see when she was doing to her. This is when the team acted and managed to sneak Vahns host armor and weapons past all of Kalis robots (Go ninja go ninja GO!) and suit up Vahn and get Angela out. This of course confused Kali when she returned to the room to find Angela and all her gear gone, and Vahn standing there no longer naked but completely suited in his host armor (They had made a replica of Vahns host armor out of living body armor, which Kali fell for and destroyed) so Kali, confused and angered, lashed out in raw rage at Vahn, who fended them off long enough to escape. Angela was returned home, more or less.
It was in her next mission in Shiva territory that things proved to be not yet finished with her, as the more she used her Bio-Equipment the more her body ached and the worse her headaches became, they would soon learn that the artificial nano-bots were having a negative effect on her bio-equipment and were in fact doing her harm. This was a problem for a Packmaster considering she has a Bio-Comm embedded in her head.
The groups Geneticist, Erik Jaren, discovered the nano-bots and with Vahns help hatched a plan to have their own TechnoJacker, Kyle, deal with the bots himself. The plan, surprisingly worked. However, it was a very long and drawn out process that she was captured by a mysterious group of Biotics part way through, who also were holding Erik captive at the same time. While there Erik saw a much angrier side of Angela, though he passes this off as being connected to how stressed she has been lately, plus sees her tear down a mega damage organic wall with her bare hands, on two occasions!
Angela is now back at home and is currently going through a program to get her back on her feet and onto the battlefield once more.

Angela Moore

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