Elisabeth Louise

If Looks Could Kill


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To call Elisabeth beautiful is a gross understatement that could get a man killed. It is on her that all beauty is based upon within House Phoenix. But that doesn’t make her just a pretty face, beneath the skin there is a calm and intelligent mind that always knows what those before her wants to hear.
As the oldest of the Louise family, 16 year old Elisabeth has never been lacking in material possessions. The combination of her families wealth and her stunning beauty has insured she always had what she needed, but down at her core she only wants to help with the war efforts. However, perhaps through fear of her family of respect for her well being nobody has ever given her the chance. Nobody, except for Jade Niigata.
She has never been seen as a fighter, which brought to question when Jade chose her as one of her four new apprentices after the Horseman. She was the odd one in the group, having no military training to speak of and no abilities in the sparring ring, but Jade saw something in her, and that’s enough to make everyone believe in her.
When Jade left for her mission into Shiva territory two years ago she had brought Elisabeth with her, and nobody understood why. She had already finished training two of her apprentices and the other was nearing completion, so why bring her along when there were clearly better choices? Well, that is a question the house had to wait to hear the answer too as Jades two month adventure ended up turning into a two year stay in hell.
While in Shiva territory, Elisabeth was to manage all manners of social interaction and insure the team went without notice. However, it turns out that bringing attention to Elisabeth was the worse mistake of all. The Shivs saw her potential and drafted her for the Naga Dancer program, an honor that if she were to turn down would surely blow their cover, so she agreed.
The next months involved heavy modifications to her mind and body, and when finally finished we was bonded to a pair of Naga Serpents and was taught the way of the Naga Dancer. It was difficult, but she managed to protect her team the whole time and not let out that they were there. Jade nearly cried when she saw what bringing her here had done to her, and to this day she hasn’t forgiven herself.
When Jade and the Dragoons returned to the house a group of Naga Dancers snuck there way in with them, and while there managed to kill the warlord and poison their largest Gene-Pool, Elisabeth and the other were to be imprisoned on suspicion of siding with the Shivs and leading them back to the house. However, by the actions of Dreadguard Quinn Elisabeth has managed to escape and her current whereabouts are unknown.

Elisabeth Louise

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